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The Founding of Viper Bats

Viper bats is a high-quality bat company producing quality custom wood baseball bats for all levels of play. The company began in the year 2003 and since that time they have been producing high-quality wood bats for people worldwide.

Viper bats was started by our founder Don Fine to make bats for his son Chris.  Chris was a top prospect on a lot of schools radar in high school.  In the fall of his senior year Chris asked his dad to coach a fall baseball team in the local area.  He wanted to play with wood bats because that was the next level of play he was hoping to play at.

So like most projects handed to Don he researched the wood bats on the market and could not find a high quality bat that was available to the general public.  Don found a local minor league player to help coach and teach hitting.  They found a supplier that sold to the minor leagues and he agreed to sell us high quality bats.  That was Splitrock bats.  We started the season using them with great success and became better hitters. 

When we went to reorder from Kevin at Splitrock bats he explained to us that he was moving up the food chain and was headed to play winter ball in south America.  He had a loan against some of his equipment and was going to have to put it in storage before heading south.  After a short conversation on a lowboy semi showed up a bat company.

We cleaned out ½ of the 2 car garage and started a bat company.  Because our wood bat team was named Skagit Valley Vipers we decided to create a new logo and that was where Viper Bats was born.  We still made Splitrock bats but decided that Viper would be our flag ship.

Business grew fast and we out grew the garage and had to add a 3rd bay to our garage and had a new home for viper bats.  As we grew we fount the 3rd bay to small and we built a new shop behind our house.

Wood bats in Washington youth and men’s leagues rose to prominence thanks to the craftsmanship of Viper Bats as a local producer. Maple bats have been an explosive force in baseball and softball for their flex and the quality of contact. With Viper Bats craftsmanship, we can build wood bats in custom length and wood bats for youth that deliver an impressive impact and quality results for your game. 

As we grew we needed to move to more acreage and more shop space.  We found a place in a local town with a 2000 sq ft shop already there.  Before we moved in we remodeled it to suit our needs.

Along the way Chris lived with us and started to work in the business, after 2 years at a D2 college he came back home to work on the business full time.  Learning the business from the ground up but taking more of an interest in the web site side of the business.

In our new diggs we were happy and thought we had plenty of space.  From 800 sq ft to 2000 wow.  Like most building when a company is growing the space got smaller.  We added another 1000sq ft and watched as we grew out of that quickly.

At this point Don went to work to find a longer solution.  10 acres would do it.  He found the perfect solution and went to work building out Viper Land in Bow wa.  With a new building of 7000 sq ft we should be good for a while.

With all this growth we always kept you the customer in mind.  We found more efficient way to make bats with mew computer lathes and a new high flow finish booths.

With Viper Bats craftsmanship, we can build wood bats in custom length and wood bats for youth that deliver an impressive impact and quality results for your game. 

Viper Bats produces a wide range of quality bats including Big Barrel Bats, the Platinum series bat, elite series bats, and more. The dense nature of the bats produced at Viper ensures that you will have a product that lasts and that will be guaranteed by a 45-day warranty. With an anti-flake coating and a dense wood grain, these are the types of bats that bring a furniture-quality finish. 

Viper Bats in their custom format can be one of the best ways to enjoy a quality product that evolves with your game taking your game to the next level. You can get the ideal length, color, barrel configuration, and more. These are the types of custom bats you expect to see in pro leagues and Viper is working with several Levels of athletes. Crafted for performance Built to last.

With team pricing and a loyalty program available, Viper bats offer the best pricing on wood bats in custom formats or wood bats for youth. You never have to pay full price on high-quality bats with Viper bats!

If you are interested in learning more about professional custom bats or unique wood bats for youth leagues, check out Viper Bats today. 

or call 360-707-2685

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