Preparing for Spring Training

The off season has been a quick one and I couldn’t be more excited for the season to start up again. After participating in the Arizona Fall League I returned home in November and immediately started working out and preparing for this upcoming season. I’ve been working on fine tuning all the aspects of game that will help me succeed at the next level. I have been training at New Jersey Sports Advantage where they have cages, weights, and a track so I can get everything I need done there. My off season has exactly 2 weeks left as I just found out a couple days ago that I was invited to the Seattle Mariner’s minor league mini camp which will start up on February 15th. I will be departing for Arizona on the 14th ( my girlfriend is not very happy about the date they chose to send us out there as that is valentines day). After thinking about it and trying different models I decided I will start off the season swinging the Viper JH5 model. I tried it out last year and I like the way it felt in my hand and the barrel it has. I’m hoping for good things this year and I will be reporting back once Spring Training gets under way.

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