A Little Taste

Chadwin Stang

 Hi everyone, my name is Chadwin Stang. I’m a first time blogger but I will do my best to give you all a little look into my life as a professional baseball player and maybe some other surprises.
I’m from Surrey, British Columbia Canada and in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system. Play at the AA level for the Huntsville Stars. I was drafted in 2009, in the 8th round. I went to school at Midland College, was signed to go to LSU before I got drafted. That was one of the hardest decision I had to make in my life this far. LSU had just come off winning the CWS. They are considered the top college baseball programs in the nation. So those things didn’t help making things easier for me. But at the end of the day I had to ask myself, ” do you want to play pro ball?”
My father played baseball and hockey so he had a stick and bat in my brothers and my hands once we were born. Coming from Canada hockey kinda played number one then baseball. But lucky enough I got to enjoy both every year. As I got older though, the two sports started to run into each other. It was time for me to decide what sport I’d focus on. By this time I was 16 yrs old and baseball it was. My following season I got the opportunity to be part of the Jr Nation program and represent my country. This was such a blessing! I got to do that for two years before heading to college.
Going to a Jr college, in my feeling, was one of the best things for me as a ball player. I was able to go in there, play everyday, and develop as a baseball player. Midland college gave me the opportunities I needed to further my career. On a side note, my sophomore year, we had 3 other members of that team that eventually got drafted. Logan Bawcom, Reid Redman, and Brandon Williams.
I am now finishing my 4th year with the Brewers and man have they been interesting! Once I was signed I went straight to rookie ball in Helena, Montana. Had not the best half season there but it got my feet wet for what was to come. That offseason it was the organizations and my decision to learn how to switch hit. This meant that I would learn to hit left handed. Last time I did that was when I was in little league! So I did have very little experience. It was a slow start but really took a grasp of it weeks later. 2010 came a long and was my first spring training of my career. Things started off great! Even was lucky enough to get into a few big league games which were always a blast. But the last game in spring put all the excitement on hold! That game I had torn my meniscus in my knee. It was a mental grind while I was out. Makes me thankful every time I step on the field. I started my rehab 6 weeks later. And once again things were great. Got right back into the groove of things. 5 games into my rehab the excitement was put on hold once again! I torn my labrum in the throwing shoulder. With this I was out for the rest of the year. I didn’t think things could be worse. I had barely started my pro career and all of these things had happened. I was in disbelief. How could another big injury happen to me? Why now? Why me? Why me?
June 2011 I was back at it. But no more switch hitting. Now here I am. In a place where my life long dream is a phone call way. I am so blessed to be where I am today.
I will post soon about what life is like in the minors. It may just surprise some of you!
Chadwin Stang
Milwaukee Brewers

2 thoughts on “A Little Taste

  1. Joe Zuniga

    Nice first blog Stanger! You can’t leave out the most excellent winning of the Midwest League title with the Rattlers! Roll on!


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