Who am I?

Well this is my first blog post for Viper.  I came to the company after a trial batting practice round in Everett, WA.  I am a small town kid from Chillicothe, Illinois and I have always been in love with the game.  My goals were never ones that were easily attained and often required steps I didnt plan on or want to take.  I went to Illinois state university out of high school as a preferred walk on, like I said not always the plan but that is how I got my college opportunity.  After red-shirting due to an injured shoulder I decided the best route would be to transfer to a jr. college to make sure i get at bats and a lot of playing time.  I transferred to Parkland Jr. College and that is where my baseball life changed.  I learned how to grind when there was no glamour and to love the game when you had no cool gear.  I grew as a person because I realized things weren’t just given out, you had to work and take them.  I got the opportunity then the next year to play at the University of Illinois for two years.  This was awesome, I loved the guys,coaches, classroom, and everything that was part of my Illini experience. My red-shirt sophmore year (jr year) i was drafted in the 26th round by the dodgers, way later than I wanted or expected to be.  I decided to return to school and then as a red-shirt junior i was drafted in the 15th round by the Diamondbacks.  I was thrilled, got on a plane the next morning and was off to Arizona.

My path was one without fame and major success, but I did get the opportunity to play at the professional level which was always a dream.  I believe that The Lord had written a perfect plan for my college career and I believe one is already written for my professional career as well. I am pumped to grind everyday and keep working towards a goal.

Jordan Parr

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About Jordan Parr

I am a 22 year old follower of Christ. I play for the Arizona Diamondback's organization and was drafted out of the University of Illinois. I have had the awesome opportunity to struggle in the game of baseball and am so thankful for all it has taught me. I believe this is where God is using me now and for His perfect purpose. I like to write and I love Viper bats so what better to do than blog.

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