Road Struggles, more of the Same

Good morning, or afternoon depending on where you are when you read this,


A Spider Roll, Spicy Salmon and Hawaii 5-0 Roll for dinner always works for me!

Last night ended our 6 day 5 game road trip with stops in Burlington, Iowa and Peoria, Illinois.  We arrived in Peoria on Friday afternoon because of the rain out at Burlington, so we got an evening off.  We checked in at the Quality Inn, and Shepherd and I went to our room to check to the internet connection, our PlayStation and of course find all of the ESPN channels.  It was the middle of the afternoon, and we were all relatively hungry so we ran back down to the lobby and got on the bus with a few other guys and headed over to a place around the corner for sushi.  The bus drove us (Brian Adams, Walker Weickel and I) through the rain to Sushigawa, a small joint in a little strip plaza.  When we tried to go get a table we realized the place was closed, the sign out front reading “Closed 2-5:30 Daily.”  We not only had a major let down in terms of what we would eat for lunch, but the bus had already left us, meaning we’d have to walk somewhere in the rain.  I gave Walker a real hard time about the place being closed because he had found it on his phone, and therefore he had to take the fall. I think more of the heckling came from the fact that I was trying to ignore the fact that I was getting soaked walking around in the rain.  We ended up eating at Chipotle, a Minor League favorite before Adams and I walked back to the hotel.  We used our new favorite social media outlet, Vine, to document the trip. (Walking in the rain)  When we got back, I scheduled the hotel shuttle to take us back to Sushigawa for dinner at 7.  Shepherd and I passed the couple hours (he never left the hotel room) playing NHL13 as usual and then I headed back out.  Dinner was good, but not like the sushi places I normally go back home, when Dad and I GO TO TOWN at Matsu back home.


Fireworks over left field at O’Brien Field

The first game of our series at Peoria we faced Kurt Heyer, a friend of mine from summer ball my sophomore year summer in Cape Cod.  Kurt and I played together in Orleans, and worked together at the Orleans Firebirds Kids Baseball Clinic.  Kurt was part of last year’s University of Arizona National Championship team.  He’s a righty with good stuff, and an incredible ability to make hitters uncomfortable.  I found that out in a hurry, striking out looking on three straight pitches without even getting settled into the batters box.  We were shut down all night, and then got sent to a 38 minute rain delay.  When we came out of the delay Dane Phillips hit a ball over the fence in left field, but it somehow bounced back into left field and the umpires ruled it a double.  That lead to Jose’s first ejection of the year.  We lost the game, and continued to struggle having good at bats all game. After the game the Chiefs hosted a fireworks display which I caught the end of.

Game two was an afternoon game on Sunday that had a true Sunday “Getaway Day” feel to it as it only took 1:47 minutes to complete.  We lost 1-0 in a frustrating game. We had very few base runners, and just couldn’t break through.  I had a hit, and played SS again for the second time in three starts.  The opposing pitcher threw just 97 pitches en route to a complete game shutout.  We once again were forced to fight to salvage a game in our final day of the trip, something we haven’t been good at this year.   Again we were a little snake bitten in the final game, having hits that lead to no runs, bloop hits against us that lead to long innings and another loss.  We lost 4-1, and I think only 1 of their runs was actually scored on a hard hit ball.  The rest were grounders or broken bat doinkers that just found the ground.  We were swept out of town, and sent packing with a disappointing 2-3 record on the trip.

Our bus ride home was a long overnight trip, across a timezone and we got in around4:30 am. We rushed home and went to sleep, again I moved my mattress into the closet and slept in the dark, waking up around 11.  We went for lunch at a sushi place (yes, again) that Brian Adams recommended.  Adams, Dane, Baltz, Walker, Fried, Shepherd and I drove across town to Koto and had some really good food, made better by the good company.  It was a lot of fun to spend time with the guys away from the ballpark and just get to relax.  Tonight we’re having a barbeque and will throw some steaks, potatoes and corn on our new grill.  I’m sure they’ll go great with whichever hockey game is on tv tonight!

Go Leafs Go (yes, I’m finishing all my posts with that until they’re eliminated!)

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