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Sneak peak at what’s to come!

I find it funny how the older I get the more I look forward to getting to go to class’s. Last week me and Nolan had an awesome opportunity to go to Seattle for a two day video editing class. Neither of us have had any sort of “real” training when it comes to video editing but with the footage we’ve taken so far this year we thought it was time to take the next step.

I think it’s safe to say that step we both took was about the equivalent of a baby learning to walk for the first time. We both learned a tremendous amount and had a great time doing it. Now you’re probably asking – “what’s this have to do with us?” The answer to that is: we will be bringing you game footage of players on team viper and updating product descriptions to show video. You’ve seen a few of our “rookie” videos posted in the last few weeks but the new videos should hopefully blow those away.

Here is a sneak peak of more of what’s to come!

Over the course of the summer we have accumulated quite a few new players on Team Viper. In this blog I’m going to break down players currently swinging our stuff and what model of bat they’re using.

Corey Simpson – OF – Everett AquaSox

Corey Simpson Swinging Viper Bats

Corey Simpson of the Everett AquaSox swinging his Elite Series Maple I13L

Corey is currently swinging the Elite Series Maple I13L in 34″ and 32 oz. The I13L is a modified Louisville I13 for today’s minor league player. It doesn’t have the extreme barrel diameter of the original but with the smaller barrel it has a slightly longer sweet spot for more consistent power numbers.

This model came about because of the density regulations on maple bats in an effort to make maple safer to swing (which it does). What this regulation means is that players coming into the league can’t get the old school max barrel I13, 243, and 174G’s in maple. This is because it would require such a light piece of wood (less dense) combined with the extreme measurements would lead bats to breaking in an un-safe manner (multi-piece fracture).

With that in mind we modified the barrel enough so we could still maintain the key points of the original: large barrel, big sweet spot, power hitter style bat. These modifications resulted in a barrel that’s still over 2.5″ with an extended sweet spot that still flies through the zone coming in at a -2 weight ratio.

Viper Bats Elite Series Maple I13L

Viper Bats Elite Series Maple I13L

Some people will think “oh I like that but I swing a -3″ so let me stress this now: if you need to get this model in a -3 this isn’t the model for you. This model was made specifically with the density limits in mind which includes the weight ratio of the bat so while we offer it on our website in a -3 it would be borderline legal for a professional player to use and for the amateur it would simply be a very fragile rocket launcher. Not to mention I don’t know too many power hitters WANTING a -3, it defeats the purpose of the model.

This clip was taken a few weeks ago in his first live at bat with his I13L. Corey joined the AquaSox part way through the season so we didn’t get a chance to get him some quality lumber in his hands until later into year but watch and see what a sweet swing and solid bat sound like.