Monthly Archives: September 2013

What Now?!

Well the season has been over for about two weeks or so now.  I didn’t end as well as I would have liked, but now looking back I realize how much better I got and am thankful to have stayed in the same place for a season bonding with the guys.  I was a little hesitant at first thinking about getting a job when my parents suggested it.  I want to make the most out of this pro baseball opportunity so I wouldn’t want anything getting in the way.  But after a week at home I was on the laptop filling out applications, man was I bored! I am an extremely active guy and I think it helps a ton when I am in season, but when I get home and have little to do to burn energy I probably just annoy everyone I am around.  So I have been finding things to do and one of them is a sales position at Dicks Sporting Goods.  Not so glamorous but a great way to build a schedule and give my days for the next five month structure.  I will be hunting deer this season with my new bow which I am thrilled about and have already gone out and missed some doves with my buddies from home. Looking ahead at this offseason I am most excited about recharging.  With college ball and a short season of pro ball I am pretty wiped out.  I was ready to put the bat down and relax.  I was so thankful for the opportunity the Lord has given me but at the end of season I was spiritually drained.  I love witnessing to guys and a great way to prepare for that is plenty of quality time in the Bible.  I will have a great amount of time to do that and I cant wait to show up to spring training, aka my mission field.

So with all that being said I think the offseason is very important for every pro ball player.  You get to spend down time catching up on sleep, and also get to the heavy lifting building your body to a whole new level so you can dominate from the start of spring training! I have a couple goals this offseason which are pretty lofty, but just attainable enough to be reached if I put in the work.  I love a challenge and this offseason will have its fair share, but I am ready to attack every day and go make them happen.

Thanks for reading,

Jordan Parr